Reviews of "Spirituals and Gospels"

Standing Ovations for L.A.Davison

Davison´s original arrangements of songs and totally relaxed behaviour of musicians created an exceptional atmosphere, which made the audience react unusually spontaneously. The audience thanked the performers by standing ovations, which is a matter unseen for years here…

1. 5. 2000

An Authentic Interpretation

Tuesday evening of gospels and spirituals was devoted to authentic interpretation of spirituals and gospels of Lee Andrew Davison. Davison´s spontaneity influenced the audience very deeply…

2. 4. 2000

Impressive Dialogue


The evening concert of spirituals and gospels belongs to the most interesting and most unusual concerts our festival could offer to its listeners…Sensitive and witty arrangements of songs helped to create an impressive dialogue of voice and musical instruments…Lee Andrew Davison attracted the audience both by a beautiful colour of voice and the natural lightness of interpretation. 



1. 4. 2000